End of life for my WRT54G

Last week, I had a strange phenomena. my home web server was not accessible.

I looked at all kinds of setting I had configured with my home network for the last few years. Local DNS, squid/reverse proxy setup, IIS web server set up (I run my website on Windows 7 PC) and ddns setup. Although nothing was supposed to have changed, I looked at them again and made sure everything is what it supposed to be.

I finally turned my eyes on my trusty router. Linksys WRT54G was servicing me well, for almost 10 years (mine is WRT54G V2.2.)

I looked at port forward option. the port 80 is forwarded to This is a linux based NAS that also runs squid in reverse proxy mode, but for some reason, the traffic appears to be reaching, another linux based NAS.
I re-saved the setting and voila! for a while, the web site was accessible. Then after one hour or so, connection was again lost.

I did a factory reset and then updated the firmware. These did not improve the situation. I concluded that the router can no longer retain the port forward information. Maybe one bit of memory chip got bad. Hard to tell. I bit a bullet and bought an N-band router. although a little pricey compared to D-link and/or Netgear, I decided to stick with Cisco/Linksys brand.

After initial setup, everything was back to normal. So here they are, it was indeed my router.

Hopefully my new router can serve me another 10 years. That’s why I paid extra for gigabit ports with this router. Looking at this router, the most striking is a small size of a power brick that comes with it, compared to the power brick from 10 years ago. This is where I see the advancement of technology.

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