SharePoint online :: modifying “New item or Edit this list” to “Edit this list”

This is my first “SharePoint Online” related javaScript.(I am still experimenting with nuance of SP online)
This script changes “New item or Edit this list” links to simpler “Edit this list link.

* Created by A2life on 3/24/2016.
* Modify new or edit div to "edit this list" only
* modify "New items or edit" elements on entire page (not just webPart this is attached to)
* */
(function () {

var thisContext = {};
thisContext.OnPostRender = modifynewEdit;


function modifynewEdit() {
// jQuery library is required in this sample
// Fallback to loading jQuery from a CDN path if the local is unavailable
(window.jQuery || document.write('<script src="//"><\/script>'));

jQuery("'new')").each(function (index) { //only respond to "New" elements
var edit = $(this).find('a:contains("dit")'); // because I am looking for "[E|e]dit"
edit = edit.text("Edit").add("<span> this list</span>"); // reconstruct link with proper words

attach this to list webPart as jsLink parameter. If uploaded to Site Assets folder as “modifyEdit.js” , it should look like “~site/SiteAssets/modifyEdit.js” . “~site” is a token for the site that sharePoint uses to resolve the url reference.

Note on this code.

  • The document.write line dynamically writes a script tag for jQuery. This appears to be more reliable way of loading jQuery rather than referencing to the file within script tag.
  • The code creates a context override for onPostRender SP event for the webPart (of item list view) being attached. This event seems to fire even when other list view on the same view is changed  (and the code invoked will affect other list views on the same page as expected) so the function modifynewEdit is attached to this event.

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